New ROUTE 66 Style Guide 2016-17

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It is with great excitement that we can present you today with the brand new ROUTE 66 Style Guide 2016-17.

We had so much enthusiastic response on our previous Style Guide, that we tasked ourselves to come up with an even better one. We made the following improvements:

1. Revised the chapters to become more understandable and thematic.
2. Added a new chapter with artwork of cars.
3. Added a new chapter with artwork for motorbikes.
4. Added a new chapter with artwork for music.
5. Added a new chapter with logo variations in fashion 2016-17 colours for both men and women.
6. Added a new chapter with phrases artwork in various shapes.
7. Updated the logo artwork to include the mandatory free space into the artwork, to make the guideline easier to use.
8. Included examples of artwork usage including the artwork filenames that were used.
9. Added colour recommendations based upon fashion colours 2016-17.

Because of all the new content, the number of pages grew from 265 to 405.

Since we received so much positive feedback on the printed version of last year’s Style Guide, we have decided to also print this version, and we can’t wait to give it to you when we meet next time. Brand Licensing Europe from October 13-15 where we will be exhibiting again this year is the perfect opportunity to get your hands on one!